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Increasing in pregnancy obesity is not just a problem to some, it can be harmful for many who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions. The increasing weight of women has been a serious concern for medical professionals for years as obesity is linked to many of the modern day ills.

Many mums are unaware that the rise in pregnancy obesity has had a major impact on their health and this has been linked to a number of health outcomes. The increase in obesity has been linked with higher levels of blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol, increased risks of stroke, and increased risk of being diagnosed with depression. When pregnant the hormonal changes that occur are also at a higher level so as a woman grows her babies weigh more. This increase in weight can also lead to an increase in pressure within the womb and so for the first time mothers are being told that they may have to deal with a condition known as pre-eclampsia.

Many mums are also concerned about the health consequences of the increased level of glucose that comes with having a baby and are becoming increasingly concerned about what could happen to their unborn child if they were to suffer a sudden and unexpected illness. Studies have shown that if the mother is obese before the birth of her baby she is more likely to suffer from any health problems that may occur during pregnancy including diabetes and hypertension and there are many health problems that could result from an unborn child suffering a sudden and unexpected illness.

Not only do the health implications of being overweight affect the health of the baby and the mother but also the child who will grow up to have a wide range of health consequences. If you are overweight during pregnancy, you may have problems such as breathing difficulties, an increased chance of being diagnosed with asthma, a higher risk of having a stroke, and a greater risk of having a heart attack. If you are already obese before you conceive the chances are that your baby will also be overweight.

Not only does the increase in weight gain affect the mum but can also affect the newborn. Being overweight can lead to health complications including:

There are now a number of organisations dedicated to increasing awareness of the link between pregnancy obesity and all the complications that can arise from having an excess amount of fat in the body. It is important that any women who want to get pregnant knows the potential risks and implications of being overweight and is seeking advice and assistance to help prevent the complications.


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