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A medical termination of pregnancy, or sometimes known as drug abortion, happens when drugs are used to induce an abortion. The recommended schedule includes a combination of drugs, starting with mifepristone and then misoprostol. Mifepriston, or Mifeprex, is one of the most commonly prescribed anti-progestogen drugs.

Mifeprex can be taken in pill, nasal spray or cream form, so women can choose which method they feel most comfortable with. Because mifeprex and other medicines can cause side effects, women should be aware that many doctors will not prescribe them. Some doctors will allow their patients to take misoprostol, which is often combined with Mifeprex to achieve the desired effect.

Misoprostin has a very low success rate. There have been many stories of women having to go back for another dose because they were allergic to the drug. Doctors who do prescribe it recommend that women only take a maximum of two tablets every day.

Another method of medical termination of pregnancy is to induce labor using drugs. This can be done using drugs such as misoprostol and other medications that stimulate contractions. The amount of medication required will depend on how early in the pregnancy a woman's contractions start. Some doctors will allow their patients to take misoprostol in combination with other drugs or to combine it with medications that induce labor naturally. These medications include drugs like amniotic fluid, heat and massage.

Most women choose this method over surgery because it is more convenient. Some women can not afford the surgical costs or the time it takes to go through the labor and delivery process. Others don't want the risk of being left with physical and emotional scars. Women who choose medical terminations of pregnancy choose this method because they have already spent too much time, money and energy to put off having a baby.

Some doctors prefer this type of medical terminations over IVF, because they don't have to wait for weeks or months before getting pregnant again. This makes it easier to find the proper timing if they decide to try again. Since many women opt for surgical procedures during the last trimester of pregnancy, some women choose not to use these medications. For them, they may choose to have a natural childbirth instead, but that should not be a concern because medical methods do not pose a problem if the woman chooses to have a natural childbirth.

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