Quick and Simple Yoga Poses to Build Your Immunity

 If you've ever had the unfortunate event of having an illness or the flu, you know that taking a bit of time out each day for exercise can be crucial in building up your immune system. It seems as though we never really realize how important it is until something happens that leaves us weak and tired. It can be hard to take the time off for exercise when you work so much, but it is definitely important if you want to keep yourself healthy. By learning some quick and simple yoga poses to build your immunity, you can continue to work throughout your days while still boosting your strength. These exercises are good for anyone, no matter what their age.

The immune system is made up of cells that are made up of proteins. Your cells need protein to survive and grow. By building up your cells and stimulating them with the right kind of exercise, you can help your immune system to stay healthy and strong. It doesn't matter what caused you to get sick, as long as you take care of yourself now, you'll be better off for the future.

A lot of people who suffer from certain illnesses aren't sure how to get started. That's why it's helpful to learn some quick and simple yoga poses to build your immunity. By doing these poses each day, you're increasing your body's ability to fight off infection. There's plenty of information out there about various illnesses and learning about them and how to prevent them will help you. If you want to learn more, search the internet, and read up on things like seasonal flu, food poisoning, and mosquito bites.

Yoga has been known to improve circulation and relax the muscles. These two things are great for improving the overall health of your body. Doing a little cardiovascular exercise each day keeps you in shape, which in turn makes it easier for you to resist bacteria and illness. And relaxing the muscles actually stimulates the release of natural chemicals in your immune system that makes it stronger. The immune system is an important part of our body and it needs to be maintained in optimal shape.

The easiest of these poses to do is called a Downward Facing Dog. You simply stand with your hands down on the floor and your elbows facing each other. In your right hand, hold a light-weight medicine ball. In your left hand, grasp your right ankle and hold a chair. Now, extend your right arm straight out and your left arm, straight over your head, pointing down toward the floor.

Slowly lean forward as far as you can, then relax. Slowly lean back as far as you can and repeat this a few times. This exercise is done with the view of taking in as much air as possible. Taking in a lot of air helps to increase the amount of oxygen reaching all of the areas of the body. As you continue to practice this quick and simple yoga poses to build your immunity, you will find that your immunity will become stronger and your healing will become faster.


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