How to Measure a Fitness Ball

 There are many ways in which a fitness ball can be used. A fitness ball can be used as a way to work on core strength and stability, balance and stability, and overall body control. It is also useful for improving your agility, as it forces you to keep your balance and center during the movements that require balancing. The fitness ball can help you tone your body without straining your joints. Here are some simple ways in which you can use a fitness ball while working out:

A fitness ball can increase your cardio-vascular performance, helping you burn more calories and build more muscle faster. This is because the harder you work against gravity while holding your position on the ball, the more energy you are generating. This is similar to running up a hill. By increasing your energy expenditure, you will burn more calories.

The intensity of each workout can be increased by varying the distance and width of the fitness ball. If you want a cardiovascular workout, try enclosing your ball between two chairs. You can hold both your hands on either side of the ball and alternately swing each hand back and forth. Try using the ball to perform push-ups. Holding the ball between your feet, alternately jump up into the air and push yourself off the ground. This exercise increases both your vertical and horizontal strength.

An ab workout can be improved by working with the fitness ball. To do a full-body workout, stand directly behind a chair or table, then roll the ball forward toward you. Squat down, then squat back. Roll the ball forward again, this time placing your head between your legs and pushing it forward toward you.

Exercises that using leg strength involves sitting on one leg at a time while holding the ball between the knee and ankle. Slowly pull yourself up to the standing position, holding the ball between your feet. Roll the ball forward, arching your back as you shift your weight to one leg. Repeat this exercise in a slow controlled manner, adjusting the distance between your feet as you reach each level. This exercise will increase both your core strength and your stamina, making it an excellent addition to any home workout routine.

How to Measure a Fitness Ball is easy, but it's just as important to know which measurements are important to you. When you buy your fitness ball, ask the retailer to demonstrate how to properly hold the ball. Always remember to use proper form when doing exercises with the fitness ball. After all, you don't want to wind up looking like a tree branch after your workout.


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